Choosing a Hoodie to Suit Your Body Shape

The classic hoodie is a sweatshirt that has withstood the test of time. There are several hundred different types of hoodies for those who want to be warm and comfortable.

Its main feature identifies a hoodie: the hood. The hoodie may have a full zipper, half zipper, or no zipper at all. It may have one pocket or two pockets and is often, although not always, oversized to fit loose and comfortable. Finding that perfect hoodie that fits just right and looks great can be a difficult task. The typical tourism hoodie might be great for remembering a recent vacation to Yellowstone, but might not be the most flattering shape. Even hoodies can be comfortable and flattering as long as buyers understand the basics in choosing a hoodie to suit their unique shape and size.

Hoodie Styles

The history of the hoodie started in the early 1990s and continued to change throughout the years to include several different styles of hoodies. One of the earliest versions of the hoodie first became popular in the early 1990s. At this time, hoodies were large, oversized, and associated with the skateboarding culture. The skater style is oversized, but still fits the wearer. The urban hoodie is massive and drapes the wearer loosely. These two styles of hoodies are most popular with men. Most wearers prefer the hoodie to be comfortable and slightly loose, but not oversized. Some of the most popular hoodies include college hoodies and Band Hoodies.

Men's vs. Women's Hoodies

For some, hoodies may be a unisex clothing item. This is mostly determined by how the wearer intends the hoodie to fit. The differences between men's hoodies and women's hoodies are subtle but important.

Men's Hoodies

Men's hoodies generally fit a bit looser, so for female buyers who prefer a loose fitting sweater, a men's hoodie may fit the bill. Men's hoodies also tend to come in darker colors with more subtle logos. Overall, a men's hoodie is simpler than the woman's version. A man's hoodie usually does not have any additional embellishments, hardware, or oversized prints, as a women's hoodie may. Men tend to be more subtle in their clothing and a man's hoodie reflects that style.

Women's Hoodies

Women ' s hoodies fit a little bit more snug to hug a woman's curves. Women's hoodies are lighter in color including white and tan and include more bold tones such as pink, bright blues, and neon. Women's hoodies also tend to have more embellishment, large logos or graphics, and the occasional bling or glitz.

Understanding Body Shapes

The first step to finding a great looking hoodie is to understand the basics of body shapes and the cuts of clothing that work best. Once buyers understand their own body shape, shopping for clothing, including hoodies becomes much easier.

Body Type


Best Hoodie Type


  • Also known as a boy shape
  • Lacks curves and has evenly distributed weight

Look for a fitted waist to create a balanced look with the illusion of curves


  • Shoulders are more narrow
  • Shirt size often smaller than pant size

Select a wide, round neckline and a hem that falls above the hips


  • Balanced hips and shoulders with a slimmer waist

Look for low necklines, which draw the eyes upward, and elongated sweatshirts that fall just below the hips


  • A wide hipline, large bust, and heavy frame

Choose a sweatshirt with an empire waist that flows and does not taper


  • Broad shoulders and small hips

Find thin materials and a banded bottom with vertical detailing

Knowing which body type a person has puts him or her on the right path to selecting comfortable, flattering clothing. For those who have a hard time deciding which shape they are, look at the areas where weight gain appears. If weight gain generally appears in the top half, including the arms or bust, that is most likely a wedge or oval shape. Weight gain in the hips or thighs is more of an hourglass or pear shape. Those with even weight gain on top and bottom, or slight gain around the middle are most likely a rectangle or hourglass shape.

Selecting Hoodie Colors

When buying a collegiate hoodie, the colors available most likely are variations of the school colors. Other times, there may be a rainbow of colors to choose from. Basic hoodie colors such as navy, black, grey, and white look good on nearly everyone. Consider that most men prefer darker color hoodies and most women prefer a lighter color hoodie. Darker colors are also more slimming to most wearers.

Deciding what looks best is finding shades that bring out the best features of one's eyes, skin, and complexion. To determine what colors work best, it is important to determine the difference between warm undertones and cool undertones.

Determining Undertones

To determine one's undertones, look at an individual's wrist, inner elbow, or stomach. If the undertones are red, yellow, or peach, this is a warm complexion. A warm complexion pairs well with warm colors such as reds and yellow as well as greens and purples. For undertones that appear blue or pink, cool colors like blues, orange, and pink work well.

Wearing a Hoodie

While hoodies are the quintessential comfort clothing, they can also be a fashion statement when paired with the right pieces. This allows anyone to be stylish and look great without being uncomfortable.


A hoodie and torn up baggy jeans may look a bit sloppy, but a hoodie and flattering denim is a great way to look put together and comfortable. The key to making any hoodie work with jeans is to choose flattering, fashionable jeans in a dark rinse that contrasts well with the hoodie color. Fitted jeans are a great choice for balancing a loosely fitting hoodie.


Dress up the outfit a little bit by putting back the sneakers and selecting a wedge heel or a fashionable boot. Choosing a dressy shoe does not necessarily mean heels; it can include nice leather loafers, pumps, wedges, or even a cute ballet flat.

Alternative Hoodies

The typical sweatshirt material is the most common hoodie fabric, but there are alternative hoodies designed to enhance the style of the wearer. Select a cable knit hoodie, or cotton hoodie that defines the body shape. Another great option is brightly colored lightweight hoodies with a thin shirt or button-up underneath.

Glam Hoodies

Hoodies often do not require a lot of accessorizing. The nature of the hood makes wearing a necklace difficult, and long sleeves cover up most bracelets. For women who love to accessorize, select a hoodie that already comes equipped with glitz and glam in the pattern or embellishments. Adding delicate earrings to a great jeans and hoodie combination finishes the ensemble. A statement watch is also a great accessory, as is a handbag with a pop of color, or a bright lipstick shade.


Hoodies are a wardrobe staple for men, women, and children. Regardless of your age, shape, gender, or style, a hoodie is a great way to stay relaxed and warm while looking stylish. Whether on a Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, or after a busy day at work, everyone needs a full supply of comfortable hoodies. Finding the best hoodie fit is key to making any collection complete. Start by determining the right body shape, and the most flattering hoodie styles. Select your favorite color, or a tone that looks best with your complexion. Pair your hoodie with a great fitting pair of jeans, a nice looking pair of shoes, and a few simple accessories to complete the chic and easy look.