Choose the perfect t-shirt

Men and T-shirts are inseparable; the comfort, the casual outlook, the light weight and the variety in pattern and chromes makes it a quintessential garment for men all across the globe.

The trend originated during the World War I era where the European soldiers were issued light weight undershirts that kept the soldiers cool and comfortable. But even then t-shirts were used as under garments until 1955 when John Wayne, James Dean and Marlon Brando were captured wearing a t-shirt on a television show.

Since t-shirts are available in multiple size and patterns, you need to be careful while picking the t-shirt that would suit your body type. The guideline below will help select the right T-shirt for you.

  • Before circling out the type of the t-shirt, it is mandatory to choose the size. An extremely tight t-shirt or a very loose t-shirt are both inappropriate options. Make sure that the seams are lined just at the edge of your shoulder and not above or below them. Also, keep in mind that the sleeved should be snug around the man’s arms.
  • Loose fitting t-shirts are very common these days. But men who are well-built generally opt for tighter shirts that would help in showing off their figures.
  • There are four kinds of necklines in t-shirts:
    • High crew neck: Round neck and hangs approximately one or two inches from the base of the neck.
    • High v-crew neck: The neck hole is in the shape of a V and the bottom point is not more than two to three inches.
    • Low crew neck: The neckline hangs further down than a crew neck.
    • Low v-crew neck: The neckline hangs further down the high v-neck.
  • Available in many material such as cotton, cotton blend, polyester pick the fabric that would ensure your comfort as well as style. Cotton blends are a better option because it keeps the qualities of cotton intact avoiding shrinkage and wrinkles.