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A retro t-shirt is an unmistakable fashion statement. They draw attention, spark conversation and have a unique style all their own. With that said, what does wearing a vintage comic book t-shirt say about your personality? More importantly, what does it say about your sense of style?

Comic Book T-shirts buying guide

A staple of pop culture, comics and superheroes have been a mainstay in our lives since their inception. They turned into merchandise and collectibles, which means they’re not just something to read or watch on TV or in the movies, but also to wear!

We’ve got all your favorites like Superman t shirts, Batman t shirts and Wonder Woman t shirts, plus some other awesome characters as well! You can go as far back as the Silver Age comics with our Silver Surfer t shirt, or even further with one of a Flash Gordon t shirts! Whichever character you prefer from any era, T-ShirtZone got something for you.

There are even more comic book t shirts than the ones we just mentioned! What about some great Marvel Comics character tees? We’ve got a large selection of Marvel character tees for both men and women including Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man! If you don’t see what you want there, try searching for a specific character using our convenient Search function.

Age of the shirt

The older the better! Although there are some modern versions out there that can be considered retro, you'll want to stick with the vintage comic book t shirts. Why? Because they're old. There's just something cool and exciting about them. Just think, they've survived decades and decades before you were even born!


This is one of the most important components to consider when looking for a vintage comic book t-shirt. You'll want to find one that has held up over time. A faded color or worn design can take away from the look altogether.

Comic book characters

There are seemingly endless options when it comes to comic book characters (Superman, Batman, Spiderman just to name a few). Which one would best fit your personality? What do you think people will say when they see it?

There's a superhero for every occasion, from Batman to Superman and the Joker to Harley Quinn. We've rounded up the best comic book T-shirts and clothing to show off your love of comics, whether you're dressing up or dressing down.

You can buy official comic book T-shirts that feature some of your favorite characters, or you could opt for a vintage comic book print tee. Some even come with their own cape! Whether you're looking for a men's, women's or kids' comic shirt, we'll help you find exactly what you need.

Popular types of comic books

We have all the latest and vintage comic book t shirts you are looking for. From all time classics like Superman, Batman and the Ninja Turtles to modern Marvel heroes like Captain America and Iron Man. Let's not forget about our favorite DC and Marvel anti-heroes too! So get your superhero t shirts geared up because we can't wait to see which hero you choose.

The comic book industry has been around for more than 80 years. In that time, comic books have evolved from the simple black-and-white strips of the early 1900s to the graphic novels and online comics of today. The industry has also spawned related products, such as comic book T-shirts, games and movies.

One of the most popular types of comic books are graphic novels. Unlike earlier comics, which were mostly serialized in magazines or on their own, graphic novels present a complete story within one volume. The stories may be based on classic superheroes or other characters from earlier comics, but many graphic novels explore new ideas and genres using original characters.

Another type of comic is manga, which is a Japanese style of comics that appeals to a global audience. Manga books feature color illustrations with varying levels of text in bubbles and captions, which are read from right to left. Most manga comics also fit into distinct genres, such as adventure, horror and romance.