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New patches
Date added: 28 Apr 2017

We have new patches for Arch Enemy, Airbourne, Pink Floyd and Testament in stock now.

We have three new old titles available again for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

We have two new back patches for the Ramones and one for Sodom.

Lots of other titles are back in stock.

New shirts
Date added: 16 Apr 2017

We have new shirts listed for Hampez, Jotnar and Netherbird.

New back patches
Date added: 12 Apr 2017

Two new back patches in stock today, one each for Pink Floyd and Slayer.

New patches
Date added: 10 Apr 2017

We have new patch titles in for Motorhead and Tankard.

We have new patches for Night Demon and Witchburner, plus lots of restocks.

Uncharted 4
Date added: 07 Apr 2017

We have two t-shirts, a long sleeve t-shirt and a baseball shirt available for the award winning game Uncharted 4, available to order now in small to XL sizes.

Gorgoroth & Summoning
Date added: 04 Apr 2017

We have two new limited availability titles for Gorgoroth there is a t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt for the re-issue of Destroyer.

For the Summoning we have a new t-shirt called Lugburz.

Walking Dead
Date added: 29 Mar 2017

We have two new hoodies and two new t-shirts for tv series The Walking Dead.

The hoodies are G&D Filigree and Walker Security and are available in small to XXXL. The t-shirts are Lucille Posterised and This Is Lucille.

New shirts
Date added: 27 Mar 2017

We have two new Deep Purple In Rock items, there is a new t-shirt and a 3/4 sleeve baseball shirt.

We also have a new shirt for Avatarium and a new t-shirt and hoodie for While She Sleeps.

Old faves
Date added: 21 Mar 2017

We have some great old titles out again this week, so if you were too slow or too young the first time or if want to replace your worn out original, we have for Motorhead - Bomber, Overkill, England and Iron Fist,  for Slayer - Haunting The Chapel, Divine Intervention and Seasons In The Abyss and for Iron Maiden - Killers.

BSA Motorbikes
Date added: 15 Mar 2017

BSA Motorbikes. Six titles all available in five sizes to order now. Featuring a distressed print on a quality soft sheen t-shirt.

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