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What year is it?
Date added: 13 Apr 2016

After the new Diamond Head shirts the other day, today we list new shirts for Girlschool. I feel I being transported back to my (spotty) youth years....

Diamond Head
Date added: 11 Apr 2016

We have new merch listed for the mighty Diamond Head, two tees, a baseball shirt and a hoodie. All out in 5 sizes and available now.

Date added: 08 Apr 2016

We have new t-shirts, hoodies and merch listed for Metallica.

Odds & ends
Date added: 05 Apr 2016

We have been adding lots of one off items from one of our suppliers lists. Many are in our sale section, which is worth a look.

Plenty of new titles have been added too, including shirts for The Offspring, Panic At The Disco, Miss May I, All Time Low and Asking Alexandria.

Date added: 30 Mar 2016

One of our favourite suppliers has started to produce some of their fantastic range in XXL.

They have started with titles for Aborted, Arch Enemy, Carpathian Forest, Cradle Of Filth, Dark Funeral, Darkthrone, Death, Decapitated, Dio, The Exploited, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Immortal, Internal Bleeding, Korpiklaani, Marduk, Misfits, Morbid Angel, Nile, Saxon, Suffocation, Unleashed, Venom and Watain.


Textile Posters
Date added: 23 Mar 2016

We have been adding to the textile posters today, too many to list in full, new titles include My Chemical Romance, Primal Fear, Pennywise, Rob Zombie and Rise Against.

New listings
Date added: 22 Mar 2016

We have new shirts listed for Aborted, ACDC, Cannibal Corpse, Captain Beefheart, Decapitated, My Dying Bride, Obscura, Phazm, Pink Floyd, Sindrome, The Who.

New jersey beanies and gloves are now showing too for the likes of Aborted, Black Sabbath and Children Of Bodom.

Asking Alexandria
Date added: 21 Mar 2016

Asking Alexandria are feeling that they don't have enough merch and so out today we have 5 new t-shirts, a girls skinny fit, a sweatshirt, a hoodie and two varsity baseball jackets. To be fair they do have the new album release to celebrate....

New listings
Date added: 18 Mar 2016

We have some great new items for Benediction, Dust Bolt, Eisregen, Helloween, Soilwork and Suidakra.

New items
Date added: 17 Mar 2016

Hello, we have a new back patch for Judas Priest titled Hell Bent For Leather and two new sweat band designs for Anthrax.

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