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New patches
Date added: 18 Nov 2016

New titles now in stock for Darkthrone, Iommi, Vader, Slayer, Opeth and Metallica.

Date added: 04 Nov 2016

Winter is coming and to counter the cold we have new beanie and ski hats listed for the likes of Carcass, Kreator, Sepultura, Soulfly, Orchid and many more.

Doctor Strange
Date added: 02 Nov 2016

To tie in with the great new film starring Benedict Cumberbatch, we have three t-shirt titles for Doctor Strange.

New shirts
Date added: 28 Oct 2016

We have new shirts listed today for Metallica, Leaves Eyes and Prong.

Date added: 26 Oct 2016

Vader - Empire. T-Shirt, long sleeve and zipped hooded sweatshirt available to order now.

Date added: 24 Oct 2016

Back with a new album Brotherhood Of The Snake are the mighty Testament and we have a t-shirt and zipped hooded sweatshirt available in sizes small to XXL.

Date added: 13 Oct 2016

To promote the new album Arctic Thunder  there is a new selection of merch from Darkthrone.

Out so far, two t-shirts, a long sleeve baseball shirt and a zipped hooded sweatshirt. More to follow shortly.

Date added: 12 Oct 2016

Three fantastic classic Sepultura zipped hooded sweatshirts are available to order now. They are Arise, Chaos AD and Roots.

Date added: 12 Oct 2016

We have a t-shirt, long sleeve, skinny fit and zipped hoodie for the mighty Meshuggah, all available to order now.

New shirts
Date added: 03 Oct 2016

We have two new titles for the Architects, called Reaper and New Consciousness and two for Moose Blood called Live and This Feeling.

There is a new girls skinny fit for Led Zeppelin, The Song Remains The Same, available in 5 sizes.

To coincide with the new album there is a Green Day shirt for Revolution Radio.

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